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Spring Lawn Care Gets Your Grass Off To A Healthy Start

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Spring is an important season to care for your lawn. When your grass comes back to life and starts growing, it needs help to start off lush and strong. Proper spring lawn care could mean the difference between a beautiful lawn and one that has trouble thriving all summer long. Here are some steps involved with spring lawn care.

Prepare The Lawn

You'll need to add lawn treatments, water, and mow, so clearing the lawn is an important first step in spring lawn care. Pick up all twigs, paper debris, pine cones, and leaf piles and dispose of them. Remove anything from your lawn that you can't run over with a lawn mower.

Cleaning can also include dethatching your lawn. You can do this with equipment made for the purpose or just use a rake. This gets rid of old matted grass clippings so the lawn treatments can reach the soil and grass roots. You might even aerate the lawn, which involves using a tool to poke holes in the soil so the lawn treatments and water are sure to sink in deep enough, and the roots of your grass can grow deeper and be healthier.

Add Fertilizer And Herbicide

One of the most important aspects of spring lawn care is applying the right lawn treatments. You can find lawn treatments that include fertilizer and herbicide combined. These can be spread over your lawn with a broadcaster so the application is even. Spring is the ideal time to apply fertilizer because it supplies the nutrients your grass needs for a healthy start.

If you can establish healthy grass, the grass can crowd out most of the weeds and weed control is much easier. By adding herbicide in the spring, you can kill weeds already present or prevent weeds from popping up. You might need the help of your county extension agent for advice on testing your soil, choosing a fertilizer, selecting herbicide, and treating your lawn, or you may prefer to use a spring lawn care service to do the work for you.

Begin Watering Your Lawn

If your area gets a lot of rain in the spring, you may not need to water very much until summer begins. If you have an irrigation system, get it set up and ready for use. It's best to water deeply less often, rather than watering lightly more often. Deep watering helps the grass roots grow more deeply.

Establish A Mowing Schedule

Your grass is more attractive and healthier if you mow on a schedule so your grass stays at a consistent height. Before you mow the first time for the season, take your mower blade in for sharpening unless you can sharpen it yourself. Dull mower blades shred the grass, and this can allow infections and infestations to get started. Be sure to keep your mower blades sharp all season so you don't harm your lawn and undo all the preparations you take with spring lawn care.

For more information on spring lawn care services, contact a company near you.


5 June 2023