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Should You Go With Orthopedic Foam For Your Next Queen Mattress?

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A new queen-size mattress is quite a large investment. So, it really pays to do your research and select the bed that will best fit your needs. One of the first decisions you'll need to make in this regard is what materials you'd like the mattress to be made from. Orthopedic foam is an increasingly common option. While it works well for a lot of people, it is not necessarily right for everyone. So, consider these pros and cons before buying a queen mattress made from orthopedic foam.

Pro: You won't get pressure points sleeping on the mattress.

Do you ever feel like you develop pressure points when sleeping on a coil spring mattress? This is a common complaint. The places you feel that pressure are likely places where the mattress springs are directly under your bones. This is not an issue with an orthopedic foam mattress. The only thing under you will be foam; there won't be any hard springs to create pressure points. Thinner people, in particular, tend to find orthopedic foam mattresses really comfortable for this reason.

Con: The bed will be the same "firmness" throughout.

Some brands make their orthopedic foam in a few different firmness levels. However, the whole bed will need to be made from the same foam. That means you and your partner, if you have one, will have to agree on the same firmness for your queen-size bed. Beds made from other materials can often be made with different firmness levels on either side.

Pro: The bed will not develop sunken areas.

There are no springs to be compressed over time, so the bed won't get those sunken spots that traditional mattresses are known for. This means you won't need to worry about rotating or flipping your mattress, which is certainly nice when buying a queen!

Con: Some people find the foam to be hot.

If you are a hot sleeper and often get too warm in the summer months, orthopedic foam may not be right for you. Some versions are made to dissipate heat to a certain degree. However, they still tend to be hotter than mattresses made from other materials due to the high density of the foam.

Consider these pros and cons, and also make sure you try an orthopedic foam mattress in person. There's nothing quite like trying it for yourself to see what you like best.

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24 April 2023