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Mix And Match Flooring At Home By Carefully Planning The Design

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Giving your home a makeover with new flooring is a fantastic way to change up the appearance, along with other benefits. You can expect an improvement in air quality if you're ripping out the old carpeting and easier cleaning if you're switching to mainly bare floors. 

Since you may want different flooring for different areas at home, consider mixing and matching different flooring instead of opting for only a single type. Hardwood, carpet, tile, and vinyl can all vary in appearance and purpose, making it a good idea to carefully plan the design with the following tips. 

Color Scheme 

As you prepare to choose flooring to install at home, it's vital that you consider the impact color can make. Instead of being disappointed with the color scheme of the flooring once it's all installed, look into the difference that a cohesive color scheme can make. Neutrals, such as beige and dark brown, should be considered for the bare flooring and a lighter shade for the carpet. 

Considering the color scheme you want at home can help you choose the flooring that's different in material, but will still look fantastic together. 

Floor Edging

If you've been interested in having multiple types of flooring installed throughout your home, it's crucial that you consider the impact that edging can make. Where two types of flooring meet, there can be an awkward space that edging can help with. Floor edging can make an enormous difference in a space where carpet and bare floors meet.

Instead of being disappointed by how different rooms with their own type of flooring look alongside each other, you can prioritize floor edging that makes the transitions look seamless. 


Choosing the right flooring for different parts of your home has a lot to do with what you intend to use in each space. Instead of being disappointed by how your home is laid out or how dirty your flooring becomes, be realistic about each choice. Carpet in bedrooms is a great idea, but it can be a bad fit for hallways or an entryway that receives a lot of foot traffic. 

Choosing new flooring for your home can come with some questions when your goal is to include multiple types of floors. From carpeting to tile and hardwood, visiting a flooring retailer can help you view different floors until you find a style with the look you want. Combining multiple types of flooring can be much easier with the above tips and asking questions when visiting a flooring retailer.  

For more information, contact a local home flooring distributor


9 January 2023