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Exterior Home Shades Make Your Patio Or Porch More Comfortable By Blocking The Sun

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If you like to spend time on your covered patio enjoying the outdoors, but you're still bothered by wind or the sun at certain times of the day, consider buying exterior home shades. These are made from different materials and come in a number of styles, but they all help block the sun so you can enjoy being outside without the sun being in your eyes or making you too hot. Here's more information about exterior home shades.

Thin Shades Partially Block Sun And Wind

If you want shades to shield you from the sun or to block mild wind, thinner shades might be appropriate. Plus, these are less expensive too. They can be made from a variety of fabrics and colors so they are attractive when attached to your home.

The shades can be mounted over windows or over post gaps on your covered patio or porch. Exterior shades typically roll up when not in use so they're out of the way. You're able to pull them all the way down or partially down according to your needs.

Thick Shades Completely Block The Sun

If you want more protection than thin shades offer, look into thick sun shades. These are made of heavier material so they can act as blackout shades and completely block the sun. Since they're heavy, they're also better at blocking wind. They can even be used as insulation to keep your patio a little cooler or warmer.

Exterior home shades are easy to operate. You can get manual shades or ones that are motorized. The shades can come with cords or be cordless. If you have kids or pets that play on the patio, you may want a cordless option for your exterior shades.

Exterior Shades Help Your Home Too

While you may primarily like exterior home shades to block the sun while you're on the patio, the shades can also benefit your home. While blocking shade on your patio, they may also be blocking the sun from entering your patio doors and windows. This could help control the climate in your home.

You can mount exterior shades on patio doors and the windows of your home too. These can be used with indoor shades for the utmost privacy and to make your room as dark as possible if you need to sleep during the day. Keeping UV rays out of your home is beneficial for many reasons. UV rays fade your carpet and furniture. Plus, they heat up the rooms of your home. By installing exterior home shades, your patio and porch will benefit as well as the rest of your home.

To learn more about exterior home shades, contact a home and garden service provider in your area.


11 November 2022