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Vinyl Siding Installation: Preventing Pest Infestations From The Start

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An issue homeowners often face after installing siding is that pests often set up a home in the spaces between the siding and the house. This is very common, but it doesn't have to be, and you don't have to assume it will happen to you if you take the correct steps when having the siding installed. Installation is really the best time to make sure everything is sealed up tight and that you've addressed all potential issues. While dealing with pests and siding now isn't nearly as difficult as it used to be, you still want to install the siding in a way that really protects your home.

Use Vinyl Instead of Wood

First, choose vinyl over wood. If you're still not completely sure which type of siding will be best, vinyl will be better than wood if you're worried about pests. And vinyl will be terrific if you're in an area known for termites. Vinyl is also not as susceptible to damage and corrosion; while it can be damaged, of course, you're not going to have to worry about it absorbing moisture like wood might. New vinyl is very good at resisting pests and other problems. The technology that goes into making vinyl siding has improved greatly.

Cap and Caulk – Everything

After each portion of the siding plus all posts have been added, ensure the installer caulks all holes and gaps and places caps on the ends of each corner post. Simply fitting the parts together tightly is not enough; over time, the siding can settle along with the house, and those gaps can become larger. Plus, many pests don't need much space to be able to squeeze through and get behind the siding. Also, keep in mind that as time goes on and the house and siding settle, you'll have to keep an eye out for caulk that has cracked.

Pay Attention to Window and Door Borders

The edges of the siding at window and door margins need particular attention because the constant movement of the doors and windows, plus the resulting pushing and pulling from hinges and tracks, can make any gap between those edges and the siding get larger. The installer might have trim that allows them to keep those gaps covered, although a neat caulking job can work as well.

Vinyl siding lasts for many years, and you want your home to be protected for that time. Ensuring the installer takes steps to make the siding impervious to pests is essential. For more information on vinyl siding, contact a professional near you.


3 August 2022