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Wise Up To Window Blinds: Smart Tips For Choosing The Best Blinds For Your Home

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What comes to your mind when you think about window blinds? Boring, barely noticeable, and not that important are all common responses. However, window blinds can make a big impact on a room. From adding color to complementing your decorating style, blinds play a big role in interior design.

Pet and kid-friendly blinds 

If you have children or pets, you may want to look for cordless style window blinds to keep them safe. Corded blinds, while less common than in the past are still available in some stores and should be avoided. Always double-check to make sure the blinds you purchase are pet and kid-friendly cordless styles. 

Insulating blinds

If you live in a climate with extreme temperature changes, it may be worth investing in insulating blinds to help reduce heating and cooling costs in your home. These blinds look as great as regular blinds with the added bonus of being constructed with special thermal materials to help them insulate your home from the elements.

Wood blinds

If you are looking to bring some old-fashioned charm into your home or enjoy the rustic or country decorating style, wood blinds are a good choice. Natural wood blinds add beauty to any window and come in both light and dark wood finishes. Avoid using solid wood blinds in bathrooms and kitchens due to the moisture and condensation that may damage wooden blinds.

Faux wood and vinyl blinds

Perfect for any room and available in a wide range of styles and colors, faux wood and vinyl blinds are popular choices among decorators. They are easy to clean, and you do not have to worry about them warping in kitchens and bathrooms. Choose blinds in a color to complement your decorating style.

For instance, if you enjoy a bold or dramatic decorating style, choosing blinds in a bright color that contrasts with your walls will create pleasing eye appeal in any room. If you enjoy a decorating style inspired by nature and neutral hues, choose blinds in earthy shades, such as beige, sage green, or cream to create a soothing and calming feeling in the room.

Choosing the best blinds for your home will vary from room to room. Understanding the types of blinds and how to use them effectively in interior design will help you achieve the look you want. The right blinds will be practical and also bring aesthetic beauty to a room. 


28 March 2022