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Pool Screen Enclosure Damage, Repairs, And How You Can Prevent These Issues

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A screen enclosure can be a valuable investment for your pool, but it can also be a problem when it gets damaged. Therefore, your pool screen might require repairs when it is damaged. After you repair your pool enclosure screen, you also want to know how to prevent future problems. Some improvements and materials can be used to help stop the damage when repairing the enclosure. The following pool screen enclosure repairs will help you deal with these issues:

Pool Screen Enclosure Tears

The biggest problem with pool screen enclosures is the tears, which often start as small issues that only worsen. These are also the most difficult issues to repair because they require the damaged section of the screen to be completely replaced. When replacing the screen in areas with tears, look for the cause of the damage. You may want to make changes in these areas, such as using panels where the screen is low to the ground and vulnerable to being torn by debris.

Deteriorating Pool Screen Mesh

 Another issue that you might have with your pool enclosure screen is the mesh might deteriorate. This happens due to the harsh environment around the pool with chemicals like chlorine and the constant exposure to direct sunlight. This eventually leads to the mesh deteriorating and developing holes or tears. When repairing these issues, talk to the repair service about replacing the mesh with a more resistant material to the corrosive environment around your pool.

Holes In Screen Around Doors or Openings

There are also problems around the doors or window openings of a screen pool enclosure. The handles and daily use can cause holes or tears in these areas. The best option to repair these issues is to replace the mesh on the screen door or windows in the enclosure. When replacing the mesh, plates can be added around hardware like handles to help prevent this type of damage to the screen materials in the future.

Damage to the Pool Enclosure Frame

Lastly, the frame of the enclosure can also be damaged, especially if it is made of thin, bent metal materials. A repair service can replace the damaged sections of the frame and install a new screen in these areas. When repairing the damage to the enclosure frame, consider reinforcing it to prevent the problem from getting worse.

There are preventative measures you take to avoid having to deal with future repairs. Contact a pool enclosure screen repair service to get help fixing these issues and preventing future problems.


5 October 2021