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Benefits of Hurricane Shutters Other Than the Obvious

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While hurricane season does indeed last for several months, you may wonder whether it is actually worth it to have hurricane shutters installed on your home. The answer is absolutely! This is because there are more benefits to hurricane shutters than simply protecting your windows and home from the damaging winds, water, and debris of hurricanes. Believe it or not, there are year-round benefits to these storm shutters, so the investment will pay off. Here are a few of the benefits that you will reap from your investment.

Light Control

If you live in an area where the sun seems to always be shining, it can be difficult to find your saving grace: shade. When there is a lot of light entering your home, it can have a direct impact on the interior temperature of the home. Luckily, hurricane shutters can help control that amount of light. This light control can help to keep your home cool, and as a result, your air conditioner will run less, saving you money on your utility bills. In addition, you can adjust the shutters based on how much light you want to enter the home.


Some storm shutters are installed permanently, and because of this, your home receives increased security. Intruders would have a very difficult time breaking into your home, giving you peace of mind that your belongings and family are safe and secure.

Enhanced Aesthetics

There are numerous styles of shutters to choose from, but some of the most popular are ones that open upwards or to the sides, giving either an island or southern feel to your home. Regardless of the style you choose, these hurricane shutters will improve the exterior of your home and catch the attention of others. If you decide to sell your home in the future, these shutters will improve the curb appeal and potentially increase the property value. Plus, prospective homebuyers will be happy to know the home they are looking at already has hurricane protection installed.

Homeowner's Insurance Discount

If you live in an area where storms and hurricanes are frequent, then your insurance company is going to appreciate that you are taking preventative measures to protect your home. As such, you may be able to get a discount on your insurance premium. However, you will need to ensure that the shutters are installed properly by a professional. An inspector is likely to come out to ensure this was done before offering the discount.

For more information, contact a hurricane shutter company near you.


23 July 2021