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Mulch: The Perfect Addition To The Garden

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When planting or updating an existing garden, the gardener must provide the tools necessary for their plants to thrive. Choosing products that promote a healthy and diverse environment will bring vitality to both plant life and becoming more eco-friendly. Mulch is a fantastic tool that will not only increase the health of plants in the garden but lead to practices that are beneficial to the environment. Here is a look into several of the benefits that the inclusion of mulch would provide to one's garden. 

Adds a Protective Layer

Mulch provides a variety of benefits to plants and their overall health. By providing a protective layer on top of the soil, water is less likely to evaporate. This leaves sufficient water reserves that go directly to the root system of the plants, allowing for the plants to more easily acquire moisture from their reserves. This protective layer also inhibits weed growth, not only benefiting the plant life but also discouraging the eyesore weeds can become. Additionally, as the mulch decomposes, it provides additional nutrition to the plants that will encourage growth and vitality. Choosing a mulch that is both organic and of superior quality will ensure one's plants receive as many benefits as possible. 

Helps the Entire Garden

In addition to the perks that mulch provides plants, the garden itself will also see benefits. By encouraging water retention in the soil, there will be less need to use a hose or sprinklers to regularly water one's garden. This not only saves on the monthly water bill but also helps conserve water and contribute to a healthier environmental practice. This layer will also help regulate the temperature of the soil, protecting plant life and delicate root systems from extreme bouts of heat or cold. Mulch also provides a rich and complex environment to promotes biodiversity within the garden, allowing for beneficial creatures such as earthworms to find a home and help contribute to the garden in their own ways. 

Choosing mulch for one's garden will bring benefits of many kinds. Not only will plants look their best, but one can feel rest assured knowing their plants are receiving sufficient water intake and nutrition from quality mulch. Using mulch will also contribute to better environmental practices that can continue for years ahead. By reducing water use, especially for regions that experience drought, water that is precious and needed by others will be properly preserved. Overall, the addition of mulch to the garden will benefit both plant life and gardener and promote a healthier environment. 


13 May 2021