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Tips For Narrowing Down Your Kitchen Countertop Selection

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Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed with all your options for kitchen countertops? If so, it helps to know the following things when making a selection for your kitchen.


The first thing you should do is figure out how your family uses your kitchen on a daily basis. Does the countertop need to be durable because you tend to cut directly on the countertop material? Does the material need to resist heat because you like to put a hot pan down directly on the countertop? Do your kids tend to use the countertop as a place to put their stuff? Do you tend to spill a lot on the countertops and do not want a material that will absorb liquids? These types of questions all go into figuring out how durable you may want your countertop to be.


A kitchen remodeling job is going to cost a lot of money, but you need to have a budget for your kitchen countertop material. The first step is to measure out how much countertop material you need to purchase by taking an estimate of the square footage. You'll want to include all of your countertops around the perimeter, islands, and other places you could see putting the countertop material so that it matches your kitchen. Now you can look at the cost of material by the square foot and figure out if it will work within your budget. 


Every type of countertop material has its own required maintenance to keep it looking great. The amount of maintenance you are willing to do will help guide the material that you want to put in your home. For example, a natural stone countertop will require maintenance to seal the material regularly, while some man-made materials require virtually no maintenance other than wiping off the surface when it is dirty. You must decide how much maintenance you are willing to commit to.


The style of countertops can help guide you towards a certain material. Do you want a very unique looking material that nobody else has or something that has a more uniform look so that the pattern is consistent across the entire countertop? This can be the difference between picking a natural stone or a man-made material. 

Still not sure what kind of countertop material to put into your home? Reach out to a kitchen countertop specialist in your area for their assistance. They can provide further information regarding kitchen counters.


15 January 2021