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Why buy new furniture if you can improve the old furniture? When you invest in good quality furniture, you don’t have to throw it away as soon as the fabric starts to fade. With reupholstering and refinishing, your old furniture can look as good as new. I revitalize my old furniture all the time. If you want to stop thinking of your expensive furniture as disposable and start thinking of it as something that you can periodically improve, you’re on the right track. I started this blog to provide you with tips and tricks for reupholstering, refinishing, and upgrading your old furniture.

Services You Need Performed When Moving Into A Country Home

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Living in a rural suburb or a rural area can be a peaceful existence. One of the harder parts of being out in a country area is not being able to easily and quickly drive to a store to get what you need when necessary. Another issue can be all of the grass, trees, and wild plant growth around. This can increase pollen getting inside of the house, the occurrence of dust or dirt in the home, plus things being dragged into the home on the paws of pets. Here are four services you should have performed in your rural home before you move in. 

Have the acres cut down

Unless you have current crops on the lawn of your home that you wish to keep, you should have a lawn service come to cut down your lawn. This will get rid of overgrowth, plus discourage wild animals from building homes in your grass. Be sure to cut the limbs of any tree overgrowth and bushes or topiaries that you have in your yard. This will also make moving in easier, as you can move on level ground, rather than through mounds of uneven grass and turf. 

Get the carpets cleaned

The possibility of pollen getting into the house is high when you are surrounded by plants and flowers. If you have carpet inside of your home, you should have the carpet professionally cleaned. A professional carpet cleaning will remove pollen and dirt from the carpet fibers that may easily hold these items. Moving into a home with a newly cleaned carpet will also improve the smell of the home. Don't forget to also have stairs cleaned, if they are carpeted, as these can often be forgotten. 

Install better screen doors and window screens

If you are moving into a home that is not new, it is a good idea to replace and upgrade the screens on your door and window. You want to make sure that the screen is tight against the window or door so that insects cannot get inside of your home. It is also a good idea to get upgraded screens to make sure that the holes are small so that the risk of excessive dust and pollen is not a threat. If you tend to open your windows for fresh air and to air out your home, be sure to clean the exterior screen on the windows on a weekly basis to keep them healthy and clean.


19 September 2016