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Make Sure Your Shoreline Design Is Protected Against Erosion

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If you own a waterfront home, you understand the importance of minimizing shoreline erosion. Make sure your shoreline design is helping you accomplish this goal, as a poor design can increase the risk of erosion. Here are some factors to keep in mind when designing your shoreline.

Avoid Steep Slopes

Make sure you are arranging your shoreline design with gradual slopes in mind. Steep slopes, or drop-offs, can be problematic. One of the primary goals of a shoreline is to minimize the pressure from waves. A gradual slope is more effective at accomplishing this than a steep slope because this design naturally absorbs much of the energy from the wave, automatically slowing it down.

With a steep slope, energy isn't absorbed, causing the wave to forcefully crash into the shoreline. Overtime, this type of activity will greatly reduce the lifespan of the shoreline and almost always lead to erosion.  

Don't Disturb The Vegetation

It's important to not disturb the vegetation that is naturally found around the shoreline. When it comes to elements of nature, while beautiful, they are in existence for much more than simply an aesthetic appeal. They serve an important role. In terms of shoreline vegetation, the roots of these plants typically extend deep into the ground.

Deep roots serve as somewhat of a binder for the earth, helping keep it together. When you disturb these roots, you can actually weaken the ground around the shoreline, increasing the risk of the ground breaking apart and causing erosion. Make sure your efforts are working around this vegetation for the best results.

Mix It Up

When the average person thinks about shoreline work, they generally think of harder elements like rocks and stones. While these elements are helpful, you don't want to overlook the softer elements, such as root wads and live plants. These elements are just as effective as their harder counterparts.

However, as an added benefit since these elements are alive, they can reproduce and increase your coverage area, which minimizes your maintenance requirements. Lastly, since they are a source of nutrition for fish, they will attract more wildlife to the area which is great for simply viewing or for fishing.

It's always best to rely on a professional, such as those found at JK Landscaping & Grading Inc. Not only will a professional designer take these factors into account, but they will also analyze the ground around your home to help you design a shoreline that will fight off erosion for many years to come.


22 August 2016