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3 Easy Tips For More Effective Landscape Lighting

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When you have spent time and money creating a beautiful and useful outdoor space, it only makes sense that you will want to show the area off as much as possible, in a discreet manner. However, it is not enough to merely put up a few lights and hope for the best. Therefore, when you are deciding on the most appropriate way to provide adequate landscape lighting, the following advice will be very helpful.

#1-Use The Lighting In Small Amounts

It is first important to note that the primary goal of lighting the landscaped area is not to light it up like a Christmas tree. Instead, use small amounts of lighting in a variety of areas. For instance, if you have several bushes or plants that you are particularly proud of, you do not need to place a light behind or near each one. Instead, you may find that it is a better idea to discreetly place a light at a midway point between two items.

You may also want to use bulbs with a lower wattage, so that you have more control over the amount of light in each area. That will be helpful because it will allow each visitor to the area to see each new item separately, while providing too much light could make it seem like one big picture. In that instance, it could be easy for visitors to your yard to miss details.

#2-Consider Using More Than One Type Of Light

Another option to consider is tailoring the size of each light to the total size of the greenery in question. One way of doing so could be to incorporate a string of lights through the branches of one item and use larger, individual lights around the base of a potted plant. You could also place one or two stationary lights into an area where multiple types of landscapes are seen, which may be especially attractive if the landscape examples being showcased are similar or identical to one another.

Whether you are trying to set your yard apart from your neighbor's or you have a green thumb that you particularly enjoy using, creativity and flexibility when using lighting is a good idea.

#3-Remember To Allow For Natural Sources Of Light When Creating Your Masterpiece

It is easy to forget that most yards will have at least some natural light that makes its way through, assuming that you have not blocked that light from entering previously. As a result, it will be helpful to remember that the sun and moon will provide varying levels of light throughout the space. If you favor a dimmer area, you may want to allow time to inspect the area at different times of the day and night.

If you find that the natural light changes the overall appearance of your yard during a full moon or in the afternoons, you may want to discuss with your landscaping expert the possibility of a retractable awning over some or all of the yard. In addition, you could also elect to use dimming lights throughout some or all of the area so that you can more precisely manage the amount of light.

In conclusion, landscape lighting is an ideal way to highlight the outdoor area of your home. Before making any major decisions about doing so, it is a good idea to be aware of the information provided above. For more information, find out here.


26 July 2016