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Problems With Ants? Two Types Of Ants You Never Want To Have In Your Yard

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You likely have seen ants around your home, whether that be inside your home or outside. The three most common types of ants that are usually found can be a big nuisance to you but they typically do not cause harm. There are other types of ants, however, that can be harmful and even dangerous to you and your family. Below is some information about these ants so you would know if you have them.

Fire Ant

Fire ants are red in color and are small ants that measure 1/8 to 1/4 inches long.  They have segmented bodies with chewing mouthparts. They have a stinger that injects venom into the host when bitten. In many cases, if you are bitten from a fire ant you will develop painful red whelps. In 5% of cases, they can cause death if someone has a severe allergic reaction to them.

If you see mounds of fluffy soil in your yard, especially after it rains, you may have fire ants. In most cases, the mounds are only a few inches tall, but if left undisturbed for a long period of time can get taller. If you are barefoot and step on one of these mounds, you will likely get bitten by them.

Harvester Ant

Harvester ants, also known as red ants, are red, dark brown, yellow or black in color. They are generally found in the southern states, as they thrive in hot weather. An adult harvester ant is 5 to 6 mm long. If you have them in your yard, you will see very large mounds of worked up soil. They generally put their nests in yards, paths, or around door steps.

They collect vegetation, such as mushrooms and seeds, to bring back to their nest. These ants are very aggressive and will bite you if you disturb them. If you are bitten they hang on to your skin and inflict a very painful and venomous sting. In some cases, the stinger could stay inside your wound, causing the painful symptoms to last for several days. One harvester ant bite is often much worse than getting stung by more than one bee.

If you think you have these ants in your yard, you should contact a pest control service to remove them for you. Depending on how many you have, they may have to make more than one visit to ensure all of the ants are gone. 


29 June 2016