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Why buy new furniture if you can improve the old furniture? When you invest in good quality furniture, you don’t have to throw it away as soon as the fabric starts to fade. With reupholstering and refinishing, your old furniture can look as good as new. I revitalize my old furniture all the time. If you want to stop thinking of your expensive furniture as disposable and start thinking of it as something that you can periodically improve, you’re on the right track. I started this blog to provide you with tips and tricks for reupholstering, refinishing, and upgrading your old furniture.

Tips And Tricks For Finding A Quality Used Dining Room Table

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If you have a large dining room, you're in luck. Because so many people are now downsizing, there is an abundance of quality, used dining room furniture available. When looking for a sturdy, lasting dining room table, there are a few critical elements to consider.

The Table Top

For a wood table, look for a solid hardwood legs and top, with no veneer that can peel, buckle and raise up from spills. Hardwoods include oak, mahogany, teak, maple and walnut. Glass tops fit into multiple decors, and can add brightness to an otherwise dreary space. For safety and durability, ensure it is tempered  glass, which resists shattering, heat and scratches.


While mortis and tenon or dovetail joints are best, dowels with screws also make for a sturdy piece of furniture. The frame should sit even and level with the floor. Reinforcing corner blocks are a must-have in a quality table.

Finding the Brand

Look underneath the table, especially on the corner braces, for a metal or paper stamp, tag or sticker. You may only find a stamped symbol, model or serial number. If you find a furniture guild name, it means that any of the member manufacturers may have made the piece. You may also only find the name of a department store which sold the furniture under its own brand.

Clues to the Origin

Furniture made in a certain, distinctive shape can give you a time period. Regional woods, such as cypress or redwood, can sometimes tell you where to look for the manufacturer. Construction with Phillips-head screws indicates a modern piece, where plane or saw marks indicate that it is likely handmade and often old. Consult your local historical society or antique stores for information on older, locally made furniture pieces.

For Those on the Move

If you are not fully settled in one place, look for furniture that is lighter and easier to move. Pick a shape that works well in most rooms, and look for features such as detachable legs and removable leaves.

When In Doubt, Go Country

Country style dining room tables are the most versatile of all. They are generally well-constructed and can be made to fit into any decor simply by changing the chairs. A sturdily built country table will serve you and your family for years to come.

Quality, sturdy dining room tables are plentiful in your local trusted used furniture stores these days. Take your time and seek help to assess your finds carefully and get the best buy on a piece of furniture that will last you for a lifetime. Contact a company, such as Wertz Brothers Furniture Inc, for more information.   


11 February 2016