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How To Kill And Prevent The Re-Growth Of Corn Speedwell Weeds In Your Lawn

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Corn speedwell weeds are common throughout the United States. You'll notice them growing in the early spring and into summer. The weeds will take over a lawn with a thick bed of leaves that will sprout pale blue and white colored flowers. If you want to have a nice lawn that you can comfortably walk on with bare feet, you'll have to kill the weeds and plant a lush lawn before the weeds have a chance to grow again. Here is how to get started:

Killing the Weed

Trying to get rid of the weed once it has fully sprouted is nearly impossible. You should start the process of saving your lawn from corn speedwell weeds in the late fall or winter time when the seeds of the weed are germinating and before the weeds have time to fully sprout up through the ground – look for tiny leaves budding up from the ground before you spray the herbicides.

There are several herbicides you can use that have proven to be effective at killing corn speedwell weeds. The herbicides traditionally used to kill the weeds includes a mixture of the following chemicals in them:

  • Atrazine
  • Metsulfuron
  • Trifloxysulfuron
  • Quincloric

Pour the herbicide mixture into a backpack sprayer and spray the entire area where the weeds have taken over the lawn. One application should be enough for the herbicide to absorb into the tiny leaves and kill the root structure of the weeds.

Preventing Regrowth

Lush and thick green lawns choke out the corn speedwell weeds and will prevent the weeds from getting re-established in your yard.

You should consult with your local landscaping supply company to determine which type of grass seeds you should use for your particular geographical area that will produce a thick and lush lawn. In the freezing areas of the country, you'll have to wait for the warm weather of springtime before you plant the grass seeds. In warmer climates, you should be able to seed your lawn right away.

Till the ground once you have chosen the best grass seeds to use to loosen the dirt in the yard (this will help the roots sprouting from the seeds to penetrate into the ground once the grass seeds germinate). Use a seed sprayer to ensure you get a nice even coating of seeds over the yard. Saturate the yard with water after seeding.

Place a layer of hay over the yard right after you are done spreading the grass seeds. The hay will hold in the moisture the grass seeds need to germinate and grow. Make sure to water the seeds according to the seed manufacturer's directions.

For additional information, contact a company such as Snyder's Weed Control.


22 December 2015