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3 Tree Diseases That Attack Hickory Trees -- And How To Prevent Further Damage

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Hickory trees are moderate sized trees that are tall rather than wide and full of small green leaves. As a type of walnut tree, hickories also grow nuts that are popular with wildlife. You might enjoy having a hickory tree in your yard to watch birds eat the nuts or to watch the leaves turn colors and shed in the fall. Keep enjoying your view by taking proper care of your hickory tree, which includes learning to identify potential tree diseases and knowing when to call in a tree service company for assistance.

Canker Disease

Canker is a fungal tree disease that attacks already weakened areas such as damaged bark or a broken branch. The canker fungus will cause the broken areas to start to look like a reddened sore and then will ooze out a smelly sap. If left untreated, the canker can spread throughout the tree and eventually lead to tree death.

Fungicides aren't helpful in treating canker. Once canker sores start appearing, hire a tree service to trim away any affected bark or branches. You want a tree service to do the job because any additional accidental cuts could help the disease to spread further through the tree.

Witch's' Broom

A fungal infection can cause small underdeveloped twigs to sprout on the ends of branches. The twigs form in clumps that can resemble a witch's broom. The fungus can go on to cause leaves and nuts to turn and shed prematurely. 

The brooms are mostly a cosmetic issue and resistant to fungicide. The best course of action is to have a tree service trim away any affected areas and then allow the tree to regrow naturally. Try to prone off the brooms as soon as they appear, which might require frequent and close maintenance of the tree for a season.


Anthracnose isn't one type of disease but rather a group of diseases and symptoms caused by a single type of fungus. On a hickory tree, the disease first appears as reddish brown splotches on the leaves. Eventually, both leaves and branches can start to prematurely wither and fall off the tree.

Fungicide is often effective at treating this disease in hickory trees. First, have a tree service clear away any affected leaves from both the tree and the surrounding ground. Make sure you first have the tree tested and diagnosed by a professional so that you know for sure to use the fungicide associated with anthracnose.

For more information, contact L & M Tree Services or a similar company.


4 November 2015