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Living In A Small Home? Free Up Space By Placing These Items In Storage

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Clutter is a common complaint from folks who live in small homes because they have very little space for their possessions. You may already have some items, such as holiday decorations and off-season clothing, in a self-storage facility, but there are several other things that you can keep in a storage unit. Reclaim your home and make the most of a small space by storing the items below at a reputable facility.

High-Quality Dishware

Unless you entertain guests regularly or enjoy serving elegant meals to your kids or roommates, there is no need to keep expensive plates, cups, or bowls on hand with your regular dishes. Carefully pack your fine china or glassware in a box filled with packing peanuts or bubble wrap, then take the contents to a mini storage unit. Place the sealed box on the floor rather than a shelf or piece of furniture, as severe weather or an accidental bump from someone who uses the unit may cause the dishes to fall to the ground and break.

Power Tools

Are you a dedicated do-it-yourselfer who frequently updates your home? If not, keep a few basic tools, such as a wrench, hammer, and screwdriver in a small toolbox, and bring the rest of your tools to a storage facility. You can store chainsaws, drills, saws, and other equipment that you do not use regularly. Before storing your equipment, clean it thoroughly and remove the batteries, as batteries can explode if the room gets too hot. Make sure the devices are powered off so you don't have any unpleasant surprises when you remove them from storage. 

Sentimental Items

It can be fun to look back on your college student's drawings from preschool or read old love letters from a high school boyfriend, but if you start to feel like the past is taking over the present, it's time to take some items to storage. Before storing old documents or photos, consider placing them in separate plastic sleeves or baggies. This protects your belongings if the room gets too humid or an unexpected flood occurs.

If you are storing breakable figurines, wrap them carefully in old newspapers or bubble wrap and place them inside of a box with a lid. The lid helps keep dust from settling on your possessions, and it also prevents discoloration from sunlight if your mini storage unit has windows.

Living in a small home does not have to be a cramped, unpleasant experience. Utilize every available inch of your home by placing the items above in a storage facility until you need them.

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1 October 2015