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2 Types of Windows to Consider for Your Home

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Replacing the windows throughout your house can be a fantastic opportunity to greatly improve your home in a variety of ways. When picking out new windows, you should consider options that can make your home more comfortable and quiet.

More Comfortable

One type of window to consider if your goal is to make your house more comfortable is an electrochromic window. This type of window is more high tech than the alternatives in that it is designed to receive an electrical charge. This electrical charge will allow you to make the glass darker by pushing a button or flipping a switch, and some electrochromic windows allow you to make the glass completely opaque. 

This can make your home more comfortable because the darker you make the window, the less sunlight will be able to get through. This will result in a much cooler home because the sunlight will not be able to warm up the air or surfaces within the home. 

These types of windows are also a fantastic way to make your home more comfortable if you find yourself on a schedule where you will need to sleep during the day. Sure, you can use curtains to block out the sun, but some light will inevitably find its way through or around the curtains and potentially disturb you. With electrochromic windows, you can block up to 98% of the light that strikes the glass.

More Quiet

Another type of window to consider is one that can make your entire house more resistant to outside noise. When installing any type of soundproof or sound-dampening windows, you can choose between one of several different types, such as windows made from multiple panes of glass or windows with one extra-thick pane of glass. Since many soundproof windows can be counted on to block 90–95% of the noise that comes into your house via the windows, they are ideal if you live across from a school or near a highway, or even if you just have really obnoxious and loud neighbors.

Soundproof windows can also work the other way and help you keep the noise within your home from reaching your neighbors. This is great if you want to be able to listen to your music or play games at higher volumes or if you simply want to increase your own privacy.

Speak to a window dealer or residential contractor today, such as one from Ken Caryl Glass, Inc., to discuss your window replacement options. A new window can make your home more comfortable by helping to keep out sunlight. In addition, you can purchase windows that are designed to keep noise from entering or exiting your home.


14 September 2015