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4 Great Garden Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

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As a gardener, you have many tasks you need to accomplish to keep your awesome landscape design in good shape. However, it may not always be easy, and some processes may require more than what you bargained for. The good news is that if you know a few simple gardening hacks, you can save yourself some time and maybe even some pain. This guide provides four of these hacks to help your garden thrive and help you work smarter instead of harder. The best part is that there is no need to buy additional landscaping supplies.

Hack #1: Kitchen Tongs to Hold Back Thorny Branches

Prevent blood and tears from flowing while pruning rose bushes or other thorny plants by grabbing a pair of old kitchen utensils. Strategically grab a hold of prickly limbs, branches or vines with the tongs and hold them steady as you prune.

Gardening gloves help as well, but if you don't want your arms and wrists to get cut up by thorns, then the tongs provide that added protection you're looking for.

Hack #2: Sand Away Rust on Tools

Place a piece of fine-grit sandpaper in your gardening arsenal. As you begin to notice rust developing on your tools, sand it off. Use the sandpaper on the following types of tools:

  • hand saws
  • shovel
  • pruning shears

When you're finished sanding, grab a rag and apply a little motor oil or olive oil and rub the surface. In doing so, you'll help prevent additional rust from accumulating.

Hack #3: Keep Clean With Soap Filled Nails

If you need to dig in the dirt without gloves, one easy way to keep your fingernail beds clean is to scrape your nails over a bar of soap. The soap fills in under and around your nails so dirt cannot. It also makes it easier post-gardening to wash your hands, as the soap will help wash away dirt between your fingers.

Hack #4: Place Paper Cups Over Your Seedlings

Protect seedlings by covering them with a paper cup while they are still in their immature state. Cut the bottom off the cup or poke a large hole in it and flip the cup upside down over the seedling.

The cup will keep slugs and worms away from the seedlings and discourage flying creatures from disturbing the young plant. The cup will not prevent sun and oxygen from getting to the plant, because the hole in the top allows all that's needed while your baby plant is growing.

Use these creative and simple steps as soon as you begin your gardening process each spring. The more hacks you can come up with, the more you might enjoy your gardening and landscaping experiences. For more information, contact Big Country Lawn & Landscape or a similar company.


16 June 2015