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How To Dispose Of Items After Decluttering

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If you are currently working on decluttering your home, you may end up with quite a lot of items that need to be disposed of. This could be anything from clothing and shoes to shelving and furniture items. Here are some ways to dispose of different types of items.

Donate What You Can

When you have a pile of stuff you are not keeping, you should start by figuring out what you can donate. This will help you to avoid putting the items in the trash and ending up in landfills, and helps others buy nice things at a low price. As an added bonus, donated items usually get you a deduction for your income taxes. In general, donation centers will take quality shoes, clothing, linens, furniture, home décor items, baby and kids' stuff, and some electronics. Look up what donation centers are near you; some may come by to pick up the items, while others require you to drop them off. Make sure you get a receipt before you leave!

Know What to Recycle

With the items you intend to throw away because a donation center won't take them, make sure you are aware of what can be recycled. A lot of items from decluttering a home and renovating can be recycled, thus reducing how much goes into the trash. For example, you can generally recycle the following things:

  • Carpeting and tile
  • Glass
  • Wood furniture
  • Metal
  • Paper goods

Dispose of Trash Properly

Finally, you should be left with stuff that can't be donated or recycled. Depending on the amount you have left, you have a few different options for getting rid of it. First of all, if you have any toxic items, make sure you dispose of them properly. This may include certain liquids, cleaning products, or medicines. Here are some options for getting rid of your trash:

Rent a rolloff dumpster – If you have a lot of large items that you need to throw away or simply a large quantity of trash, you won't be able to fit it in your regular trash can. You can rent a rolloff dumpster, which will be delivered to your home. Fill it up with everything you need to throw away, then call your local waste management company to pick it up.

Take it to the dump – Your next option is to load all of the trash onto the back of your track and bring it to the dump yourself. There will be a small fee to get into the dump, but it is usually less than if you got a dumpster or hired a company to do it for you.

Hire a trash hauling company – The easiest option, though the most expensive, is to hire a trash hauling company (such as Progressive Waste Solutions of FL Inc.). Not only do they pick up your trash, but many of them will come inside your home so you don't even have to move it.


28 May 2015