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Keep Your Kids Entertained During A Snow Day By Letting Them Paint The Snow

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Snow days are often far more exciting for kids than their parents because parents know that the day will more than likely involve bickering and whines of boredom within minutes of the children being awake. The next snow day your kids get, keep them entertained and outside for as long as possible by allowing them to paint the snow. Painting the snow is a fun and easy task that both younger and older children will love to do. Use the following guide to learn how to allow your children to use snow to make their own unique snow art.

Create a Piece of Snow Art

Have your children use the snow to create a piece of art. They can mold and manipulate the snow in any way they want to create the artwork. Have them wet the snow lightly if it is not packing together as well as they would like. You can show them images of things that other people have made with snow by doing a simple search online for images. This will spark their creativity and may challenge them to build something bigger than they originally planned to build.

Create Snow Paint

Snow paint can be created by simply adding food coloring to water. Be sure that you add enough food color so that it makes the color very bright and bold. There are neon food colorings available, if you want to make the color really pop when your children are painting. Add the dyed water to spray bottles and allow your children to spray the snow with the snow paint to create the artwork they want to create.

Create Snow Shimmer

Little girls may want to make their artwork sparkle when the sun hits it. This can be done by adding some fine glitter to a bottle of water and pouring it into the spray bottle. The glitter will stick to the surface of the snow without adding any color to the paint that you created. Use fine glitter to ensure that it does not clog the nozzle of the spray bottle as your child paints. When your children finish their snow art, take pictures of them next to the artwork. When the snow melts the food coloring will wash away so that there is no evidence of it left behind on your lawn. It will not damage the plants in your yard either. This simple and fun idea gives your children an entertaining way to be creative each and every snow day. Create a competition to see who can create the most unique artwork each snow day to help inspire your kids to really get into the creative spirit. Ask a professional like Headman Lawn Care and Christmas Lighting to see what else you can do to get in the holiday spirit.


4 March 2015