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3 Tips For Choosing The Right Window Blinds

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Window blinds are an important but oft overlooked part of your interior decoration. While virtually any type of blind will serve the purpose of providing you privacy, you will be much happier if you choose blinds that fit your style and your needs. Here are three tips to help you choose the right blinds for any room in your home.

Lighting Requirements

Every type of window blind will allow a different amount of light to enter your home. For rooms like your living room and dining room that you frequently occupy, you will want to choose a type of blind that provides ample light when they are open, yet still gives you the privacy you need when they are closed.

Generally speaking, the wider the slats are on your blinds, the more light they will let in when they are open. If you are interested in traditional Venetian blinds, try to find a set with three or four-inch-wide slats instead of the standard two-inch slats to let in as much light as possible. In bedrooms and bathrooms where you want to block out more light, you may be interested in Roman shades instead.

Matching Your Decor

While plastic is by far the most common material that is used to make blinds, there are several other options that you can use to match your interior decor. In bathrooms with metallic shelves and racks or kitchens with stainless steel appliances, you will likely enjoy using a matching set of aluminum blinds. Likewise, blinds made of wood or faux wood are an excellent option for matching a rustic, western interior design style. The simplest way to find blinds that match your decor is to determine the dominant color of your decorating theme and find fabric blinds in that color.

Children and Pets

You must make some special considerations in choosing your window blinds if you have children or pets. Blinds that hang low to the floor are more likely to be destroyed by the more curious members of your household, and long cords pose a tragic risk of strangling. Cordless cellular shades are an excellent option for eliminating this problem, and will blend in excellently with virtually any design style.

Choosing the right blinds can be as important to your interior design theme as the furniture that you choose. Keep these tips in mind when you are looking for new blinds so that you can be sure you are getting the best ones for your home.


24 February 2015