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Hardwood Flooring For A House: The Pros, Cons & Price To Get Them Refinished


Are you considering hardwood floors for your house but not sure if it is a good investment? Although there are a few cons, you will actually find that hardwood floors will be money well spent because the pros are far greater. Below, discover the pros and cons of hardwood flooring and an estimate of what you can expect to spend to get them refinished.

What are a Few of the Pros & Cons of Hardwood Flooring?

The biggest pro of investing in hardwood flooring is the extent of use you will get out of it. For instance, unlike with carpet, you can simply get the wood resurfaced after years of wear and tear (scratches, stains & etc.). If one of the boards develops a crack, you can replace the single board instead of repairing the entire floor. A few of the other pros include:

  • No odors like carpet
  • Can add value to your home
  • Easy to clean with a broom & mop
  • Can complement various style choices
  • Allergens won't get trapped as with carpet

Hardwood flooring is a great choice for your home, but there are a few cons you should be aware of before making a final decision. One of the cons is that you may have to spend more on hardwood flooring than you would for carpet or tiles. A few of the other cons include:

  • Hardwood floors can get cold
  • Ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause fading
  • Frequent cleaning because hardwood attracts dust fast

How Much Does it Cost to Get Hardwood Flooring Refinished?

The cost to get hardwood flooring refinished will depend on the extent of damage being repaired. The square footage of the floors will also play a role in the price. If your floors are not badly worn, you may only have to spend up to $250 to get floors within the range of 15x15 feet refinished.

However, a floor that requires an exceptional amount of work can run an average of up to $900 for the same amount of footage. You will have to spend even more money if you want refinishing done to maintain the look of flooring that has been in a historic home for years.

You can't go wrong by investing in hardwood flooring for your home because of the benefits you will get to take advantage of. Get in touch with a hardwood flooring specialist to get floors that you will love for many years to come!

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13 February 2015