Fix up Your Old Furniture

Why buy new furniture if you can improve the old furniture? When you invest in good quality furniture, you don’t have to throw it away as soon as the fabric starts to fade. With reupholstering and refinishing, your old furniture can look as good as new. I revitalize my old furniture all the time. If you want to stop thinking of your expensive furniture as disposable and start thinking of it as something that you can periodically improve, you’re on the right track. I started this blog to provide you with tips and tricks for reupholstering, refinishing, and upgrading your old furniture.

Furnishing Your Home For Less: What You Should Know

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When the time comes to redecorate and refurnish your home, you may wonder how you can do so without completely breaking the bank. After all, furniture and decorative accents for your home can quickly add up to rather large costs that you may just not have available in your budget. Luckily, there are ways to still get the new look to your home that you have been wanting without decimating your budget and savings in the process. All you need to do is get creative and be persistent, using a few tried and true methods.

Check The Paper For Estate Sales

While most people do not subscribe to a daily newspaper anymore, you may want to either get yourself a digital subscription to your local paper or pick up a Sunday paper at a local convenience store. In the newspaper, you will find announcements of upcoming estate sales for the week. 

Estate sales are a great place to find quality pieces for discounted prices. Antique furniture, original artworks, or unique kitschy decor pieces can all be found for great prices. Estate sales and estate auctions can be an excellent resource for your redecorating plans. However, you should try to get there early as estate sales can be extremely competitive. Check out companies like, which specialize in estate sales, to have on an edge on the competition. 

Shop Local Thrift Stores

While thrift stores often get a bad name, you can find many unique and fun home decor pieces if you are willing to do a little digging at your local thrift shop. If you are a do-it-yourself type of person for example, a scratched or faded wooden end table at a thrift store can be a perfect project for you. All you need is some sandpaper and either varnish or paint and you can have a completely redone, unique furniture piece for next to nothing.

Vintage clothing at thrift stores can easily be repurposed for home decor as well. You can cut out uniquely patterned swatches and frame them as wall decor, create your own draperies, or even make throw pillows using inexpensive clothing you find at a thrift shop. All you need is a creative spirit and a little basic know-how to turn thrift shop purchases into unique decor pieces. 

Redo Your Own Furniture

If you want a new look but do not have the time or finances to purchase any new pieces, that same do-it-yourself spirit that you can apply to thrift shop purchase can be applied to your existing pieces. Wooden furniture can easily be stripped and refinished to suit your need and style ideals. 

You can even buy a few inexpensive art supplies and create your own abstract pieces to adorn your walls. Or, if you are particularly artistic, you can turn a wall in your home into a mural, a piece of art in and of itself. 

As you can see, redecorating your home on a limited budget is not only possible, but can be a fun and creative process. So, get started as soon as possible and your home will be transformed before you know it. 


5 February 2015