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How To Remove A Nail Polish Stain From Your Carpet


If you have just spilled half a bottle of bright red nail polish on your beige carpet, don't panic. There is still hope of removing the stain, or at least lightening it to where it is not as noticeable. Follow these tips for removing a nail polish stain from your carpet.

Collect Essential Items

In order to remove a nail polish stain from your carpet, there are a few basic items you will need. Most of them you probably already have with your cleaning supplies. It is highly recommended that you use these items and not commercial carpet stain remover, because it doesn't work well on nail polish. For removing a nail polish stain, you'll need a few items:

  • Sponge
  • Vinegar
  • Paper towels
  • Spray bottle
  • Window cleaner
  • Dry towel

Blot the Stain

If you are able to get to the nail polish spill while it is still wet, you have a much higher chance of removing it. While it is still wet, get a paper towel and start blotting the area. You want the paper towel to lift the nail polish, but not push it further into the carpet fibers

Do not rub or apply too much pressure. Just use the paper towel to blot lightly over the wet area. Once the paper towel gets soaked, throw it away and grab another. Continue blotting until the majority of the wet polish is removed.

Soak the Stain

After you have blotted up as much nail polish as you can, you need to get it wet once more. Add some hot water to a spray bottle and use that to saturate the stain. Allow the water to soak into the area for several minute, then saturate it once more.

Leave it for another few minutes, then pour a small amount of vinegar onto the stain. Let this set for another few minutes. Spray more water onto the area, and use your sponge to blot it. This should help you pull up even more of the nail polish and you will start seeing the stain disappear.

Apply More Vinegar

Dispose of the sponge and add more vinegar to the area. Let it soak, spray more water, and use a fresh sponge to again blot up some of the stain. Make sure you always blot and never rub, as this will get deeper into the carpet fibers and make it almost impossible to remove. Repeat this process until you have removed all the nail polish stain. Rinse it with water, blot with a dry paper towel, and let the area dry.

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29 January 2015