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Add Class And Value To Your Kitchen With New Countertops

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Putting money into upgrading and updating your kitchen is a practical investment. Not only will you benefit from the new features of your kitchen, enhancing this room of the house can improve the overall value of your property. A great place to invest some time and resources is in your countertops.

Consider the following countertop options for your kitchen:


Corian countertops are man-made, non-porous materials that are used in a solid surface installation. These quality counters come in a vast range of colors and are noted for being exceptionally easy to clean. These countertops can be expensive, and do have the propensity to crack under extreme heat.


Buyers love laminate countertops because of the low price, durability, and cleaning ease. When these surfaces do become damaged, it is unlikely that they can be easily repaired and typically require replacement. Many do-it-yourself enthusiasts can install their laminate countertops without hiring a professional, which adds to the practicality of this choice.


Hard wood makes a beautiful countertop that is easy to repair and gentler on dishes. Though it can be easily burned or scratched, it can be sanded and sealed by homeowners to restore the surface finish. These counters may not require professional installation, depending on the homeowner's carpentry skills, and are typically cost-effective options for buyers.

Ceramic tile

Ceramic tile is an inventive and distinctive option for your kitchen's countertops, and the wide variety of tiles available give buyers plenty of options and possibilities. Ceramic is very resilient, resistant to cracks, burns, and scratches. The drawback of ceramic tile is the cleaning and care required for the grout used between tiles, as it has a tendency to stain and mildew over time.


Granite countertops are the benchmark for kitchen features, and are highly coveted by homeowners. Solid slab countertops are a bit difficult to install due to the sheer weight of the material, and may require the assistance of a contractor. Stone is especially durable and resistant to damage, which makes it well-worth the cost of these beautiful, slab countertops.

You have distinctive choices in countertops when looking at potential upgrades to your kitchen. Investing money in your kitchen is a wise move, and one that can pay back in higher overall valuation of your home. Put some effort and money into renovating or refurbishing your kitchen with new countertops (such as those offered through All Marble Granite & Tile Imports Inc), and you will not be disappointed with your investment!


26 January 2015