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Feeding Your Garden With Natural Fertlizers You Already Have In Your Home

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Any good gardener will tell you that successful gardening is all about providing plants with the nutrient rich soil to support their growth. While it is always a good idea to purchase fertilizer specifically designed to support the plants you have growing, you can also add nutrients to the soil with common substances. In fact, some of what you need to fertilize your ground can often be found right in your kitchen cabinet or even tucked away in your garage. Here are a few naturally fertilizing substances you should check to see if you have hanging around.

Powdered Lime

If you take a close look at some of the things you have stowed away in the garage, you might just find a bag of lime somewhere in the mix. This is commonly used to deter moss from growing on concrete surfaces or to deter pests around the house. It can even be used as an additive in concrete to promote healthy appearances over time. Powdered lime makes the perfect addition to lackluster soil as it promotes healthy growth for plants and neutralizes too much acid to create a healthy pH balance.

Coffee Grounds

Before you dump those used coffee grounds in the trash, you may want to think about what is in them that could be used as fertilizer. Coffee is rich in phosphorous and potassium, which will help to nurture any plants and build a strong balance of nutrients in the soil over time. While many people choose to add used coffee grounds to their compost pile, tilling them directly into the soil can be even more beneficial.

Dry Pet Food

As strange as it may sound to add dry pet food to your soil, this stuff contains valuable minerals and protein that will promote healthy plants. Grab a handful and allow it to soak in warm water for a few hours. After the food breaks down a bit, use the solution to water the ground where you plan to plant. You will see a noticeable difference in the vitality of blooms and vegetables.


If you are looking for a naturally fertilizing solution that will help ward off microbes in the soil that can be damaging to plants, molasses can be used for just this purpose. Mix a few tablespoons with water and water your soil with the solution about once a week to provide your plants with a healthy boost of protection.

If you have not yet had the chance to head to the local gardening center for fertilizer, take a closer look at what you already have hiding around the house. You may just find some new natural favorites you can turn to to help you create a beautiful garden. For more lawn care tips, contact a company like Fertilawn.


21 January 2015