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Eight Tricks And Treatments For Clever Curtains And Divine Drapes

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Give the curtains and drapes in your home a quick and easy makeover with some simple tips. Dressing up your window treatments is easy, and can involve reusing items, such as jewelry, buttons, toys, and even tools, in a new and creative way. Try the following eight suggestions to bring some wonder to your window treatments:

1. Stick a pin in 'em.

There is no reason to have boring drapes or curtains in your home. Instead, use unwanted jewelry, pins, and buttons to give your curtains flair and a distinctive personality.

2. Grab some stencils.

Tired of the same old dark drapes or cream-colored curtains? Try dipping rubber stamps or stencils with fabric paint and give them a quick makeover.

3. Get rid of 'em.

Want to really shake up the looks of your windows? Get rid of the drapes completely and let the sun shine through. Add vinyl clings or sheer panels for privacy, as desired.

4. Add a cornice.

Crown your favorite drapes or panels with a beautiful handcrafted cornice. These are super-easy to build, and you can customize the color and style with your own choice of fabric.

5. Play with length.

Try something new by changing the lengths of your curtains or drapes. For instance, pooling drapery material on the floor can make a room seem taller. Layering gauzy valances, curtains, and sheers can give the room a larger feeling.

6. Go topless.

Move your curtain fixtures or a spring tension rod about halfway down your window. Leave the top pane of the window clear to optimize natural light and give the room a cafe-style window treatment.

7. Play with garland.

Use a spring tension rod to support strands of floral garland or silk vines. Wrap the garland around the rod and secure with clothespins as needed to dress up drapes and panels.

8. Re-purpose toys and tools.

Another cool way to dress up your window treatments and give some dazzle to your home's interiors is through re-purposing toys, tools, or other objects. Mount these items at the top rod of your curtains or drapes and allow it to hang just past the hem of the fabric for an inventive, conversational accent.

There are many ways to add some style and distinction to the windows of the home, and many of these tactics involve reusing items that you already have laying around. Try transforming the curtains and draperies on your windows with some of these suggestions. Modify these ideas to best suit your distinct needs in terms of privacy and room-darkening.

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14 January 2015