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Why buy new furniture if you can improve the old furniture? When you invest in good quality furniture, you don’t have to throw it away as soon as the fabric starts to fade. With reupholstering and refinishing, your old furniture can look as good as new. I revitalize my old furniture all the time. If you want to stop thinking of your expensive furniture as disposable and start thinking of it as something that you can periodically improve, you’re on the right track. I started this blog to provide you with tips and tricks for reupholstering, refinishing, and upgrading your old furniture.

Making The Most Of A Cool Courtyard

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If you are fortunate enough to have a home with a courtyard, you may want some tips as to how to best use the space wisely. There are some suggestions and strategies that may help give your courtyard a more intimate, private feeling while also making it feel large and expansive.

Consider the following tips for your courtyard:


If you choose the types of plants and vines that you add to your courtyard, they may create their own ecosystem and require very little maintenance or effort from you! Don't crowd the limited floor space in your courtyard with planters and container gardens; instead, use the walls, fencing, and trellis to display plants. Also, consider suspending and hanging potted plants whenever possible.


Giving your courtyard the feeling that it is enclosed by walls is one of the features that brings a sense of privacy and intimacy to your space. This can be achieved by fabricating borders and enclosures that make the space feel set apart from the rest of the property and home.

Some ideas to give your space an enclosed quality include these:

  • Trellis walls
  • Climbing plants and vines
  • Hedges
  • Canopies
  • Awnings
  • Fences
  • Espalier, or trained trees and plants against the home's exterior walls


If a courtyard doesn't get ample light, plants will fail to thrive and the space may lose its open, outdoorsy quality. Use any existing walls to hang lights, such as sconces or lanterns, which will illuminate the nooks and crannies. Also, be sure to optimize the natural light that may come from the open roof of the courtyard.


Fountains are a great feature to add to the yard, and that fit perfectly in a courtyard. These are not only relaxing and elegant to watch, but the gentle sound of the water can go a long way toward drowning out any road noise or sound that may come from the house.


Creating levels in the courtyard provides a way for water to drain away from the living space, and travel out of your courtyard effectively. This may simply be a step-down patio space or a set of wide stairs that lead to a gazebo.


Using mirrors or mirrored tiles in a courtyard can give the space a much larger feel. This may mean hanging mirrors on a fence or wall, or could be using a mirror-top table in your area. Add artwork or sculptures, and consider integrating living plants and vines to merge the indoor items with the outdoor elements.

Make the most of your courtyard with these simple tips and suggestions. Creating a serene and functional courtyard will not only give you a place to relax after a long day, but may also facilitate entertaining in a whole new way. Talk with landscaping professionals as needed for advice regarding implementing courtyards and exterior features around your home.


29 December 2014